About Us

Specializing in Mercedes Benz repairs since 1996!

Benz Repair Shop is a subsidiary of Timotors specializing in Mercedes Benz repairs in Houston, Texas. We’ve been providing Mercedes Benz repairs in the Greater Houston area for a very long time: since 1996, in fact!


We take great pride in what we do. We see it as a great way to give back to the city that has supported us from the very beginning. When we first started we observed how many fellow Houstonians needed a high-quality mechanic auto repair shop to fix up their Mercedes Benz. So we decided to fill in and we’ve been doing wonders ever since!

Why should you choose Benz Repair Shop?

Just like you wouldn’t just trust your children with a total stranger to babysit them you shouldn’t trust your Mercedes Benz with just anybody! We’ve been working in this industry for decades and know the insides and out of any Mercedes Benz model and year like the back of our hands. So you know you can trust our Borsh certified technicians with your European auto repair needs.


We offer specialized repair intended for your vehicle’s unique make and model. You can be sure that when you bring your Mercedes Benz over, you’re receiving the very best personalized service available.

Do we work on other European cars in need of repairs?

While Benz Repair Shop is the Mercedes Benz repair wing of Timotors, our parent company does repair many other vehicles–both European and non-European. It’s just that Benz Repair Shop specializes in repairing Mercedes Benz automobiles. But regardless, if you’ve got an American car, a Japanese car, a Korean car or even a different European automobile, feel free to bring it round and our specialist mechanics will be only too happy to get right to work. Our expert mechanics can determine any and all issues with your vehicle and have it fixed in no time!