Services A & B vs Mercedes Oil Change

Difference Between Mercedes Oil Change and Mercedes Recommended Services

Depending on who you ask, they might say that Mercedes service is just a euphemism for a “Mercedes oil change”. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

This myth has been propagated for decades now and its outcomes, if listened to, has been disastrous for most Mercedes-Benz car owners.

This blog will focus on just why and how important it is that you have your German auto regularly serviced and maintained at a Mercedes Benz repair shop or a Mercedes Benz dealership. It should be noted however that not all Benz facilities offer the same high-quality repair and maintenance services.

What is Service A and Service B?

The fundamental issue with this myth is that Mercedes car owners simply don’t understand the differences between Service A, Service B and your typical Benz oil change. Service A and Service B are maintenance services bundled together. They include an oil change, amongst other things, that help keep your German auto running healthily for years to come.

Service A and Service B are both car manufacturer recommended service schedules that those automobile servicing facilities that are certified to carry them out may see to your German automobiles on the car manufacturer’s behalf. They are essential to your Benz’s well-being.

Differentiating Between Services A and B vs a Regular Mercedes Oil Change

So, what’s the difference again? Service A and Service B are servicing schedules that are recommended by Mercedes-Benz itself. But so is a regular oil change. The difference is that Service A and Service B do far more than just a regular oil change.

They see to your oil and AC filter service, they check fluid levels and correct them; you have your tire pressure checked and corrected; your brakes are thoroughly tested to ensure you maintain the manufacturer’s recommended safety standards; your transmission fluid and filter are swapped out if necessary; and the list goes on, and on and on. Whereas your typical oil change is just that: only an oil change.

Why Should You Take Your Mercedes to a Mechanic Instead of a Dealer?

Now as we alluded to earlier, it’s important who you take your Mercedes-Benz to for repairs. Dealerships are traditionally trusted more by Mercedes car owners, but they charge a lot. Then you have some auto repair shops that charge very little but can hardly be trusted with even a simple oil change.

Finally, in the third group you have your Houston Mercedes repair shops like, well, Benz Repair Shop, pun intended. We have one of the most advanced facilities in the Greater Houston area, allowing us to compete directly against licensed Mercedes Benz car dealerships.

We also employ only the most Borsch-certified experienced mechanics. All this means that we offer the same, if not an even better, services that your typical Mercedes dealership does. The only difference is, we’re actually affordable.

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