Mercedes Benz automobiles are brilliant luxury cars. However, they need to be given a lot of regular attention. This is why we offer many Mercedes Benz services—the same high-quality services that dealerships offer—but at a much more reasonable price.

Your Experience is our Pleasure


We offer a plethora of Mercedes Benz services—all comprehensive and thorough, leaving your luxury car as good as new! Our Mercedes Benz services include:


Services A & B

There are two packages Mercedes Benz offers as its routine maintenance schedule: Service A and Service B. Click here to learn more!

Brake Check

Your car is very dependent on its brake system. Make sure you bring it around regularly to make sure it’s working perfectly.

A/C Repairs

Here in Houston, you can’t go without a functional A/C. We can make sure it makes your car as cold as need be to keep you cool!

Check Engine Light

Usually, a lit engine light can mean potenetial engine problems for your Mercedes Benz. Bring it round for testing today!

Oil Change

We don’t just offer major maintenance and repairs to our customers. We also offer an oil change to our customers.


We have a massive inventory of many different tire types. Whatever your need, we’ve got a set of affordable tires check waiting for you today.

Steering Repairs

We can perform extensive tests to ensure that your vehicle’s steering, suspension & wheel alignment are tuned well.

Battery Repairs

Click here to check and see symptoms for a faulty battery in need of repairs or replacement. We can fix or replace your car battery!

What Our Clients said?



Benz Repair House has been my go-to mechanics for the last few years. They do a great job, are dependable, and best of all they’re affordable! They offer many of the Mercedes Benz services dealerships offer, but for less! I can’t imagine anyone else working on my car!
Jason Rodrick
I used to take my 2011 GLE SUV to the dealership for everything from oil changes to Service A and Service B…but then one of my friends recommended I try out Benz Repair Shop…I did after checking them out. Their repairs are just as good as the dealership’s…only loads cheaper!! It’s great!!
Jennifer Allison
benz repair shop is the best !! they do all my repairs as well as on my wife mereces benz because we cant trust anyone else to do it for this cheap and at this quality !!
Mark Brown