Mercedes Benz A Service & B Service Maintenance

Our Mercedes-Benz repair garage is well prepared and equipped to offer both A-Service & B-Service—the Mercedes-Benz recommended regular maintenance schedule.


A-Service maintenance is suggested as soon as your Benz reaches its initial 10,000 miles milestone; B-Service is usually recommended when the Benz climbs to its first 20,000 miles.


If you’re confused by all this, don’t worry! We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming for any driver first coming across to these two terms.


Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we’ll cheerfully explain in detail whether you’re due for either A-Service or B-Service maintenance. Alternatively, you can also drive your Mercedes Benz over to our Houston based Mercedes Benz mechanic shop and we’ll gladly help you out by taking a look at it.

Mercedes Tire Check

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Mercedes Benz Service Plans

“A or C” Service: Oil and filter service. All fluid level check and correct (fluid services could also be needed as per the recommendations Mercedes Benz makes for the recommended service intervals). Tire pressure check and correction. Brake scrutiny. Vehicle look over. Service reminder reset.


“B or D” Service: Oil and filter service. Cabin filter replacement and sterilize A/C evaporator box. Check all fluid levels and correct anomalies (fluid services could also be needed as per the recommendations Mercedes Benz makes for the recommended service intervals). Tire pressure check and rotation. A broad Benz assessing over. Service reminder reset.


39K Service: An exceptional gearbox (transmission) fluid and filter service for your Mercedes Benz.


As the vehicle continues to be used “E’, “F”, “G”, & “H” services can appear owing to the fact that model to model varies significantly. AMG and V12 Model Mercedes service intervals can vary supported every model and year.



Why choose us?

A lot of Mercedes business organization mechanics have a commission structure set. We reject this idea as we find it completely unfair to our customers.


Here at Mercedes Repair Shop, we offer all the same services that you can commonly find at other Houston Mercedes mechanic auto shops, but with a different payment structure. We believe the way we do things helps give our customers a higher standard of service at a much fairer pricing schedule.


We have a bleeding edge, state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz repair and maintenance facility staffed with certified ASE and Bosch technicians with over one hundred years of expertise and experience shared between them. We work hard to keep our technicians equipped with dealer-level diagnostic instrumentality able to handle even the newest Mercedes Benz car models.

Mercedes Repair & Restoration look

Mercedes Repair Shop has served communities found in the Greater Houston and all surrounding areas (Sugar Land, Missouri City, Katy, Richmond, etc.) by offering to maintain Mercedes-Benz vehicles for well over a decade now.


We all intimately know and appreciate Mercedes unlike any other automotive shop in Houston. Spending over two decades beneath the machine’s hood can have the effect. Our mechanics don’t work on commission. Also, they take the time to clearly explain things, arriving at the root cause of the underlying issue.


Our Mercedes restoration services are simply top-notch and unmatched. We can have your old Mercedes running nearly as good as a new one. Our ratings are honest, and our services are the very best offered in Houston.

Mercedes Performance standardization

We don’t just offer Mercedes Benz repairs and maintenance. Here at Benz Repair Shop, we focus on Kleemann Mercedes performance upgrades as well.


We are, after all, certified Kleemann components sellers. Kleemann offers several very simple Mercedes-Benz and AMG standardization solutions on the market, yet as a good vary of wheels and accessories.


Therefore, next time your SL550 is due for service, your C250 wants Associate in Nursing car care, or your C230’s manifold has to get replaced, feel free to give us a call or schedule a meeting with Benz Repair Shop!


Mercedes Mechanic Houston

Benz Repair Shop, a Mercedes mechanic Houston, is the leading Houston Mercedes mechanic and Bosch licensed Service Center that has expertise in the diagnosis and repairing the subsequent Mercedes models:


  • Mercedes Benz CLA
  • Mercedes Benz a hundred ninety
  • Mercedes Benz A-Class
  • Mercedes Benz E-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Mercedes Repair Shop will diagnose and repair any Mercedes Benz models starting with Benz C category repairs, Benz CLA category repairs, Benz G Glass repairs, and much, much more! A number of our commonest repairs our ASE technicians work on include:


  • Flooded automotive inspections & repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • A-Service Mercedes maintenance
  • B-Service Mercedes maintenance
  • Alignment problems
  • Oil Leaks