Mercedes Oil Change

Regular oil changes are perhaps the most inexpensive way you can care for your Mercedes Benz. Getting a Mercedes oil change is essential to your vehicle’s maintenance.


We understand, you probably weren’t looking for this page when you Googled “Mercedes Benz repair Houston” or “independent Mercedes Benz service Houston”, but it’s true. It’s most likely something you need to be doing to help prevent the need to Google for “Mercedes Benz repair Houston” or “independent Mercedes Benz service Houston” three years from now. So, it’s a great idea to get to it right away before it’s too late.


Believe us, you’ll be thanking us for helping you save thousands of dollars and several sleepless nights.

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More about oil change, please!

Oil is the driving force behind your engine—its life blood. It reduces friction, and wear and tear. Additionally, it provides lubrication, forms a seal of sorts between the pistons, and other critical components by helping it cool down engine components. Deprived of the clean-up action offered by a new Mercedes oil change, carbon and polish build-up may end up being lethal to the engine. To add to it, engine oil also helps dampen the shock and noise of moving components, another added bonus.

Why us?

With your trusted Houston Benz Repair Shop offered automobile care, or any other offered service, you’ll receive a Benz Repair Shop Courtesy Check. We’ll look within, outside, underneath the bonnet and beneath your Benz, then make a detailed note of the findings and provide you with the opportunity to take action on those findings.


  • Engine air filter
  • Coolant/antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid


To top it all off, we will walk you through Mercedes Benz’s official recommendations for your Benz to have these important fluids and filters changed.