Tire Change Service

Wondering if it is time for brand new tires? One way to tell if it’s finally time is to insert a penny, head first, into the tire tread. If you’re able to see Lincoln’s head, it means it is indeed time for a set of brand new tires.


But tire tread isn’t the sole indicator of issues. If your tires are worn out on the inside and not out, you’ll probably be facing wheel alignment problems. Problems that won’t be resolved without a new set of tires.

Mercedes Tire Check
tire change

Time to replace Mercedes tires?

A discount store may not be ready to tell you that. But knowledgeable automobile repair technicians at Benz Repair Shop will. We want what’s best for our customers, and earning your trust is more important to us in the long term than the profits from selling your tires in the short-run.


Our total maintenance philosophy provides you peace of mind knowing that we’re taking care of the explanation for the underlying issues, not just the visible and noticeable symptoms.


When you visit your neighbourhood Benz Repair Shop, technicians will thoroughly examine, rotate, and balance your tires, as regularly as when your Mercedes Benz recommends doing them.


And once it is time to switch them, we’ll verify the right size and type of tire necessary for the automobile, all based around your particular driving style. Finally, we’ll go ahead and double check to see that your new tires are properly installed.

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Need a wheel alignment?

We’ll take care of that, too! So, make sure you visit your neighborhood Benz Repair Shop and inquire about tire sales and tire repair services that we offer. We firmly believe that you will find we’re a decent fit. And do not forget: manufacturer suggested vehicle maintenance generally includes tire services akin to tire rotation and wheel alignment.


Trust the Benz Repair Shop Touch.®


In addition to being amongst Houston’s leaders in brake and exhaust services, Benz Repair Shop provides professional tire sales and tire repair service.


Please allow us to assist you to maintain your current tires by extended its service life. And when it’s finally time, we’ll provide you with new tire solutions that match both your driving style and your budget.

Tips & Tricks

  • Have your tires rotated frequently. Mercedes Benz have made specific recommendations every model and year of their cars for tire rotation. Sticking to the present timetable can help extend your tires’ lifetime. Our skilled Bosch certified Benz Repair Shop mechanics can offer you with this data and help keep you stay on the Benz suggested timetable.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Your tires generally lose one psi (pound per sq. inch) every month. That adds up terribly quickly, taking even the best of us by surprise. And keep in mind, the temperature will have a serious impact. A drop of one 0°F may also cause a 1 psi loss in pressure. Low tire pressure, in turn, may result in reduced fuel consumption rate and excessive heat build-up resulting in tire degradation.
  • Check for signs of excessive or uneven tire wear. Uneven go down the within or outside can be a sign that alternative issues area unit might be lurking about, so make sure your tires’ area unit is regularly inspected by professionals.