What is Mercedes-Benz mbrace?

What is Mercedes-Benz mbrace?

As most Mercedes-Benz fans know, the German car manufacturer is constantly striving to improve itself, its products and the technologies makes available to their customers all around the world. Just like how Apple has built an ecosystem around its many devices, Mercedes-Benz is trying to do much the same thing here, too. To them, it isn’t just about making cars; it’s also about making the brand a lifestyle of sorts. One way it does this is by offering the mbrace packages—several distinctly different technologies aimed to keep the tech-minded driver happy and engaged on their long daily drives.

mbrace Connect

This is the standard package that comes with most new purchases of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. What is mbrace Connect exactly? It’s a phone app that gives you a great deal of remote car control and places it right in your hands. It allows you to remotely start your Benz from anywhere, lock or unlock it, flash the lights and honk at you when you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked it. There’s also a bunch of other cool things it can do. You can set up a virtual boundary that alerts you where your car is turned on and off if it’s outside the boundaries. You can also set up a speed alert, set car curfews and designate travel zones if you’ve got any young drivers in your household. It’s also got a slew of nifty satnav features.

mbrace Secure

This adds even more safety and security to your Mercedes-Benz. When you’re in the car, the Automatic Collission Notification system will automatically ring in in case of an emergency (i.e. should an air bag go off or the Emergency Tensioning Device activate), making sure that help is on the way. mbrace Secure also helps the police find and recover your vehicle for you if it ever gets stolen. And here’s a useful one for Houston Mercedes-Benz owners: Crisis Assist. This feature connects you with a crisis response specialist, ho can later provide you with real-time guidance and other important information on how best to evacuate and get to the nearest shelter. This is particularly useful in hurricane season, as many Houstonians will attest to.

mbrace Entertain

You car can now be instantly turned into a 3G WiFi hotspot, allowing you to connect up to four devices to the internet. Also comes with TuneIn Radio to provide you with some sweet toons. There are more than 100,000 radio stations available online that you can listen to in your Mercedes-Benz. You can also listen to over 2,000,000 podcasts and listen to iHeartRadio if that’s your go-to app.

mbrace Concierge

This package puts you in touch with a helpful agent. You can call them through the Mercedes Me app. They’ll provide you with excellent recommendations, not to mention make reservations for you on the fly! They can even find and purchase tickets for events, whether it’s the movie theatre or that Astros baseball game you’ve been wanting to go to for months.

Additionally, almost as if Mercedes-Benz wanted to sweeten the deal even further, mbrace Concierge also offers Points-of-Interest (POI) information for all your go-to destinations. Just pick a POI and sent it to your Benz’ satnav and you’ll be met with turn-by-turn route instructions that are kept updated with the latest traffic information, weather conditions and more.

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